Electronic Whistle, Battery Operated Whistle Adjustable 3 Different Loud Whistle Sounds with Lanyard Handheld Electronic Whistles for Referees Volleyball Coaches Teacher, Soccer Sports Whistle-Black



Brand: UNIWA

Color: black


  • 📢Make the Coach Referee So Easy: The electric whistle gets rid of the traditional way of blowing a whistle with your mouth, and meanwhile provides a loud, clear, strong and easily recognizable sound. It will be more convenient and safer in the referee, training and SOS.
  • 📢Adjustable 3 Different High Volume Electric Whistles: Adjust the volume to the level that best meets your needs in different spaces and occasions, so that the sound can be heard and protect your hearing. It must be an awesome high volume electronic whistle for P.E. teachers, basketball coaches referees, outdoor camping, dogs training, hiking lifeguard SOS survival emergency.
  • 📢Ergonomic Loudest Electric Whistle: The streamlined appearance and compact size makes the grip of the whistle more comfortable and makes you feel relaxed when using it. One-button switch can create 120±5dB volume, it will more sanitary and convenient among all sporting events, company activity, school game or other training etc.
  • 📢Durable and High Quality: Made of superior ABS material-More often, we will use this electronic whistle outdoors, so it is necessary to have a crack-resistant and fall-resistant shell. In addition, it comes with 4 Cr2032 Lithium batteries individually packaged to ensure that you can use it for a longer time outdoors. If the sound becomes abnormal, please replace the battery.
  • 📢Carry It with You: portable and small-5.4”Ă—1.5” size, suitable for pockets and backpacks. We have also prepared a drawstring pouch for you, which can better protect your whistle. It is also equipped with a 46” lanyard, which can easily loop through backpack or hang it on your wrist and neck.

Package Dimensions: 42x164x68


1 x Electronic whistle
4 x Cr2032 Lithium batteries. LET THE LOUD VOICE BE HEARD High pitched powerful voice maker, can provide up to 120-150 dB sound power. In the flu season, avoid using the traditional whistle that needs to be blown with your mouth, which will be more important to your health and hygiene. MULTIFUNCTION ELECTRONIC WHISTLE High-volume, clear, powerful, and attention-grabbing electronic whistle-suitable for coaches, referees, physical education teachers, training animals and pets, outdoor camping, emergency help, etc. THREE-TONE ELECTRONIC WHISTLE Three different whistle sound effects meet the needs. You can adjust the volume according to the size of the space or the occasion. Also suitable for boatswain whistle, windstorm whistle, rescue whistle, self-defense emergency whistle. RUGGED PROFESSIONAL ELECTRONIC WHISTLE Safe and non-toxic high-quality ABS material, humanized design allows you to get a good sense of experience in outdoor activities. whether in a noisy environment or in an open area, the sound of an electronic whistle can easily attract the attention. REPLACEABLE BATTERY We provide individually packaged batteries. If the sound is abnormal, please replace them in time. How to install: The positive side facing up and the negative side facing down. HIGH-QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM If you have any quality problems with UINWA electronic whistle, please contact us in time. We provide 24 months after-sales service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. We will reply to you within 12 hours.