Fabric Resistance Booty Bands for Women - Resistance Bands Set of 3, Cloth Glute Bands for Workout, Leg Resistance Bands for Women Butt and Legs, Squat Bands, Booty Workout Equipment



Brand: Ruby Stretch

Color: Gray – Pink – Black


  • GET YOUR PERFECT BOOTY AND TONED LEGS: Sculpt and build your body and booty using our glute activating Leg Resistance Bands that will intensify all your favorite booty-building exercises. With this well-designed, well-stitched cloth resistance bands made of the durable fabrics, exercising has become more convenient and simple!
  • 3 DIFFERENT LEVELS OF RESISTANCE : Whether you are a beginner or a pro, our workout bands will help you achieve your goal. With the same size, but increasing resistance levels( (Light, Medium, Heavy), these booty bands for working out bring new life to your training and are designed to help you to get a perfect body shape!
  • THICKENED, NON-SLIP AND HIGH RESISTANT: These high-quality exercise bands for legs and butt are flexible, durable and abrasion-resistant in order to be stretched repeatedly without folding or rolling up. The elastic material makes our fabric resistance bands incredibly comfortable- you can also use them with bare skin!
  • SUITABLE FOR VARIATY OF EXERCISE + WORKOUT GUIDE: Wider than regular fitness bands, our squat bands can be used for a wide variety of exercises at home or the gym. We also provide you an eBook so you can learn the best and efficient exercises that you can do with the leg resistance bands.
  • EASY TO USE AND CARRY: These fabric booty bands are portable and come with a premium carrying bag so you can do exercise at home, in the office, gym, cafe, outdoor, etc., and make the most of your leisure time to create the perfect body. Build your best booty anywhere with our hip bands!

Package Dimensions: 28x182x68

Details: Featuring three levels of resistance, our resistance bands for legs and butt will help you build strength and tone up like never before! The booty bands resistance bands assists you in different exercises and is suitable for a variety of workouts such as: leg adduction, glute bands bridges, squats, leg press, hip thrusts, weight lifting, dead lifts, lunges, air squats, side squats, hip abduction & adduction, inner & outer thigh contractions, kickbacks and other more. Not only are these exercise bands for legs and butt great for working out at the gym but also for using at home or everywhere else.
Made from the finest high quality elastic material, these fabric resistance bands for legs and butt won’t be loose even if being used many times. The resistance levels of each butt bands is from the fabric strength, not the size meaning that each booty bands fabric stays in place around your legs. No need to readjust the hip bands during workout because they are anti-slip and anti-roll up. You will get the full resistance range of motion. These loop hip resistance bands have the perfect size so can be used in your workouts.
Our leg fabric resistance bands are the best choice not only for creating perfect booty shape, but also for warm-ups exercise, physical therapy or power training, and you can also use them to recover from injuries. Leg bands exercise can be effective for strengthening the muscles of your arms, legs, butt and shoulder. The fabric booty bands maximize gym time and your workout potential by increasing muscle mobility and strength.
We teach you exactly what exercises are the most effective, show you the correct techniques, and provide you with a full at-home or gym butt workout routine. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete we promise you will achieve your goal using our fitness bands .You’ll love our Workout Plan! Booty Bands for Legs and Butt, Resistance band, Fabric resistance Bands