Pitcher Overhand Thrower Training Aid, Suitable for Top Collegiate Programs, Yellow, 1 Pack



Brand: PMCAF

Color: Yellow


  • 【Easy To Use】Even novices can quickly master it, a great tool for pitchers of all skill levels. The pitcher can use it himself or throw it to the receiver, and it provides instant visual feedback, which is very helpful for obvious reasons.
  • 【The Right Way To Train】Learn correct rotation for Rising, Drop, Screw, Change-Up, Fastpitch, and Overhand Throwing. Teaches the proper technique of coming over the ball for the overhand throw as opposed to the sidearm release.
  • 【Efficient Training】Size and weight of an official 12″ softball, provide correct and timely feedback, help improve training efficiency by eliminating repeated errors while an athlete, coach, or catcher can not see the softball rotation.
  • 【Non-Slip Edge Design】Rotation softball training aid there are two sets of molded seams on the edge to give the pitcher a realistic feel of the ball. Provide a clear understanding, allowing you to clearly understand the position of your hand and wrist, practice like a professional pitcher, to avoid injury to the wrist due to repeated incorrect movements.
  • 【Best Gift For Team Members, Family】Softball training aid It is a commonly used teaching and training tool in women’s professional fastpitch and an excellent choice for warming up before the game. This training tool is suitable for all pitchers, such as softball beginners, softball players, and softball enthusiasts.

Package Dimensions: 32x180x240

Details: Colour: YelloPacking Quantity: 1 PackManufacturing Materials:Due to the professionalism of the product, our product chooses rubber materials to manufacture, The quality of each product is strictly controlled.We are committed to manufacturing high-quality, official size and weight auxiliary exercise equipment to better improve your skill level.Product Features:There are two sets of molded seams on the edge to give pitchers a real feel of the ball.Designed for softball pitchers to learn the proper grip and rotation of the rise ball, drop ball, curve ball, and overhand throw.Use Methods And Techniques:Teaches the proper technique of coming over the ball for the overhand throw as opposed to the side arm release.Will eliminate repeated error that occurs when the athlete, coach or catcher can not see the rotation of the softball, thus making practice time more efficient.Avoid Injury:Softball training aid Help you learn the correct way to rotate.Avoid injury causing by the repeating incorrect motions and movements.Used In Many Occasions:Used at Top Collegiate Programs.Training with Your Teammate or Coach.It’s a good choice to practice and warm up before the game.Do throwing training with kids on weekends.Suitable For Multiple Groups:Suitable for beginner and advanced.Softball Beginner, softball players, softball enthusiast.

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